Best places to visit in the Peninsula of Yucatan in Mexico

Quintana Roo

View the hotels from the plane


Cancún caribbean beach
You can enjoy plenty hotels in Cancún


Tulum downtown with a sculptur
Tulum downtown is amazing

Playa del Carmen

Girl drinking coktail on the beach
Sara is drinking gin tonic on the beach in Playa de Carmen


Travel couple is kissing
Us in a hotel in Valladolid in January


Couple watching the mayan ruins
Chilling near a Mayan ruin


Merida in Mexico
Merida downtown in the sunset


Flamingos in water
You can see flamingos in the wild

Las Coloradas

Colorful water
Pink water in Yucatán

Chichen Itza

The 7 wonders in the world in Mexico ruin
Check on of the 7 wonders in Yucatán


Church in Mexico
Valladolid downtown with a church


Another hidden gem, but a must! It has its cool ruin and a cenote!! And here you can see iguanas running everywhere, so if you are up for a wild experience, this is the place!



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