Social Media Manager is one of the best jobs for Digital Nomads in 2022

If you have a passion for travel, a desire to work independently, and the ability to be location-independent, you could be a digital nomad. As the world becomes more and more connected, the ability to work from anywhere has never been more viable. That said, it doesn’t mean it’s easy. You’ll need to be comfortable working remotely, which can be challenging at first. That’s we are here. To help.

So this is going to be our new series. We are going to be talking about digital nomad jobs. Of course, we are going to share our jobs and experiences also. But we want to show how many jobs you can do while travelling. How do we know that? We met people who did that jobs. We want to expand our knowledge about digital nomad jobs.

Digital nomadism is the practice of working from remote locations. It’s a growing trend among the self-employed and those looking to escape the 9-to-5 grind. And while the lifestyle is undeniably exciting, it’s not without its challenges. One of the biggest is finding steady work — and steady income — without a permanent address or a regular paycheck. We are already doing this, so you have to trust us with our advice.

We have been there, where we didn’t know what to do and how to start it. We were searching and searching and we were just stuck. This is time-consuming and until that time you are just doing nothing and you are struggling.

A good start is when you can decide what you like and try to do that job online. It can be drawing or teaching etc. The bad part is when you are for example a vet and you can not do that job online. Obviously :D Maybe you can do online advice for small injuries? Who knows? But when you are stuck and you don’t know what to do, that time you can become a Social Media Manager.

Or are you passionate about social media? Do you dream of working from anywhere in the world? If so, you might be a digital nomad. As social media has become an integral part of our everyday lives, the need for professionals with the know-how to manage large social media presences has become increasingly important.

What is Social Media Manager?

So let’s talk about Social Media Managers. Some of the most in-demand digital nomad jobs are positions that involve a lot of social media management so what does it mean? You need to be good at social media. You need to understand how they work.

Social Media Managers can work for a digital marketing agency or freelance. The aim is to grow the social media following and promote the client’s brand. This is a job that involves managing social media accounts. You need to post a lot of content on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and more. You also need to respond to comments, answer questions and engage with your audience. Social Media Managers can subcontract content generation to others and analyze which components of their campaigns generate the most interaction and conversions. They also keep an eye on internet articles that reference the client so that they can respond to bad feedback and share positive testimonials with their present customers to enhance client ties. From posting content to responding to questions and comments, social media managers are crucial for any digital nomad business.

Luckily, social media skills are among the most transferable skills from traditional jobs, so if you’ve had experience managing social media accounts, you have a leg up on the competition. If you don’t have experience, it is not a problem. You can learn everything easily online. Only of course, if you are dedicated to learning.

Social Media Manager is usually an online job. In other words, you don’t have to be in the office to do it. You can do it anywhere you want. That’s why it’s a great job for digital nomads.

Lasse Rouhiainen: Smart Social Media: Your Guide To Becoming A Highly Paid Social Media Manager book can help you to understand more about this job. Buy it here.

So let’s summarize what you have to do:

  • Engage in comments and messages
  • Create posts for social media, like Facebook, Instagram etc
  • Design posts
  • Monitor social analytics
  • Create a social media strategy (buy a social media planner here)
  • Find relevant contents
  • Setting social media campaign KPIs(key performance indicators)
  • Following the social media trends

What skills do you need to be a social media manager?

Social media is one of the most important ways to build a business today. It can connect you with new customers, build your brand, and promote your products. But to get the most out of social media, you need to manage it. That means you need some skills and experience.

Writing, creativity, and communication just to name a few skills. Nowadays you need to be perfect in many fields. You can not be just knowing one thing. The bad news is that social media manager is one of the jobs, where you need to know a lot of different skills. Because for example in other jobs writing would be enough skill, but with social media manager this is not enough.

Let’s see what skills do you need?

The good news is that everything you can learn.


What does a Social Media Manager actually do? Social media managers are in charge of all social media content for a company or brand, from Facebook and Twitter posts to Instagram posts and YouTube videos. They have to communicate with the audience. They are the ones who make sure the brand’s social media accounts are engaging and interesting to the public, and that the brand’s online reputation is as good as it can be. Because social media has such a huge impact on a brand’s reputation and sales, social media managers are becoming more and more important to companies.

Read the 21 Days of Effective Communication: Everyday Habits and Exercises to Improve Your Communication Skills and Social Intelligence book to improve your communication skills. You can buy it here.

Writing skills

Social Media Managers write a lot, often as many as a dozen posts every day. Each social media platform needs a slightly different writing style. For example, Linkedin implies a more serious tone, but Facebook is more lighthearted and enjoyable.

You must be able to communicate messages that are easily understood by your target audience and encourage good feelings. In essence, the Social Media Manager should use writing to boost their brand and become the company’s “voice.”

We suggest that you read this book.

Visual intelligence, designing

A social media manager has to care about the visual appearance of that website and also sometimes she(or he) has to make the design of that website. We know it is a lot, but sometimes companies require the design. We suggest that you learn some basic Canva skills. You need to have good eyes for design.

Seo knowledge

Nowadays you can not even write a Facebook post about your dog without knowing some basic SEO(joking of course… I am not joking if you want that post that everybody sees). What is SEO? SEO means Search Engine Optimization. This means you are helping a post or an article with some searching keywords. Searching keywords are what you are writing into Google to search for something.

So as I mentioned these are important for you as a Social Media Manager because you can help the client's article to be found.


We think that this is the most important skill. You have to be able to find all the trends and analytics. You have to be able to read data.

Why social media manager is an excellent job for digital nomads?

​​There are few certainties in life, but one thing we can all be certain of is the fact that social media is here to stay. In fact, the world has become so dependent on social media that it’s almost impossible to imagine life without it. That’s why social media managers are some of the most in-demand workers in the modern world. That means that you probably never have to worry about work.

Perhaps the most interesting thing about social media managers is that they don’t actually have to be located in an office to do their job.

Digital nomads have the unique ability to work from just about anywhere. This lifestyle offers flexibility and a sense of adventure, but it’s not without its challenges — chief among them finding and securing the right job. For many, working as a digital nomad means managing your own career. This means finding the right job, negotiating an acceptable salary, and overcoming the challenges that come with working remotely.

Where to start?

We would advise that you watch this course on Skillshare about Social Media Manager basics.

You should check out this blog post about all online courses.

How to Become a Social Media Manager in 2022 is a good video to watch also.

Digital nomad jobs are some of the most in-demand jobs on the planet. They require the ability to work from anywhere and the drive and motivation to build a successful business. In this article, we shared about the Social Media Manager's digital nomad job. We hope that we could help you a little bit to start your journey.

Remember you can do it!



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