The new old way of travelling: lost souls

We’ve been traveling for quite a long time. We were in Asia, Europe, Africa and America.

The world is a big place with a lot of different cultures and lifestyles, and sometimes it’s hard to understand what someone else is really like. When you go travelling, you’re able to get a glimpse into other people’s lives. You meet their families, their friends, their coworkers. You watch them live their lives, see the good and the bad, and oftentimes you’ll learn something new. We love meeting people and listening to their stories. And of course we’ve met every kind of travellers. There were trendy ones, who just hopped on the travelling trends. There were digital nomads. There were people on their gap year.

There is one kind of traveller who you might have met or seen. These are the lost souls. This article is going to be about them. We are going to explain who they are, where you can meet them. And what we think about them. This writing is not aiming to attack anyone. It is just our wondering about people.

Obviously you want to categorize people in groups, because this is how our brain works. Then like that, we tend to follow stereotypes. And this post is going to be something like that, because we are going to put some people who we met in one group. This is just a theory. And we are not advising you to do that and you should never.

We’ve want to tell you who they are, because since we are living in the beach in Ecuador, Montanita we realized this pattern.

Who are these lost souls?

Nah, let’s get to the point. Probably you have never heard this terminology, but you are familiar with these kinds of people. Of course you have to travel a lot, until you realize them. That’s why we are here, to help you.

So, we call them lost souls, because they are kind of lost. This statement can often be the hardest to accept, but it’s the truth regardless. You see, some people are lost souls. They’re wandering through life, looking for something or someone, but never quite knowing where to go or what to do. They’re like explorers, looking for something new to discover, and when they find it, they don’t want to let it go.

Stick with us, because you will see what we exactly think about them. So these kinds of people are usually near the beach or at parties. They are not owning almost anything. Not a house, not a car, not even a girlfriend or a boyfriend.They stick to the fun and always searching for new friends. They are probably friendly. But we put them in two subcategories, one who is friendly and kind and one who is sad and truly lost. Let’s talk about the subs later.

Why do we call them lost souls? Because probably society would call them junkies, hippies or even homeless. We call them in a more fancy way.

Anyway, what are they doing?

Most of them are quite mysterious about what they are doing. It can be drug related. We are not saying that all of them are dealers, but it can be possible. Nah, but that is not the case most of the time. Most probably they are working on something. Let’s say bartending or handing out flyers or helping out to someone. Or just saved money. Can be a possibility.

Here is a question from a personA from the Travellerspoint forums: “hi i am a lost soul and am travelling around not knowing where i am headed in my future or really what i am doing.I just keep moving and cant settle down i have been traveling for 8 years and just cant stop.can anyone give any councilling advice for what i should do, any feedback respected.”

Here is an answer from personB to that question: “hey, I just wanted to say that I have been thinking of doing exactly what you have been. I don’t know where I want to go and where I am now is obviously not where I want to stay so it’s time to move on. And when you get to the place where you belong you’ll stay, everyone has somewhere in this world.Good luck in your travels.”

So this person is saying that you are just apparently going to find your place and you are going to be at peace. And then maybe you can settle down there. But until then, you are lost. Later as we are mentioning, they are healing some kind of traumas. For them this is their coping mechanism.

Anyway, let’s be clear. There is no normal life and there is no lost life. People don’t have to settle down, if they don’t want to. What we have to highlight here, that the lost souls are really feeling lost. In reality they don’t know what to do in their life. To be honest, it sucks.

The other answer is getting quite interesting form personC, and now you can have an idea what is this post is about: “hi i am a lost soul and am travelling around not knowing where i am headed in my future or really what i am doing.I just keep moving and cant settle down i have been traveling for 8 years and just cant stop.[quote]

The first question is do you really have to stop? I`ve been doing approximately the same — travelling more or less constantly for 10 years or so, both for pleasure and business as well. I have no idea where i`m going (literally and figuratively) and also need to keep moving. In fact, before my current trip where i spend about 2.5 mths in Russia, i hadn`t been in any one country for longer than about 3 weeks in almost 10 years. I hate being in one place, so am always moving. I have no desire to settle down, and whilst i`ve had a few bases, i`ve never owned a car or any furniture (which i wasn`t given or got for free), and normally live out of my rucksack. Even furniture gives me a feeling of settling or permanace that i hate.”

As you can see, we are not talking about digital nomads or about travellers who saved money and traveled for months. These lost souls are living in that one place or just changing places pretty often. They have no idea what they are doing and are just running away from something. Or probably they just really don’t want to settle down. Which is raising a question: Why? Later on we are going to tell our theory.

In the end we want to talk about Paul(of course we changed his name), who we met on the beach. He is an American, who left his homeland to come here to Ecuador. He is not holding any degrees or language exams. He is just living his life on the beach with a dog and helping in a gym. No goals in life, no pressure, no assets. But instead of a normal stressful life, he is just there and living it. But he is not happy apparently.

And we meet many individuals like him.

So to summarize this, they are just doing something to have the minimum living standard.


This is going to be a short paragraph. So we have two subcategories.

The first one are the lost souls who are always happy and always have a good vibe. You can hear them always talking. They are open to anything. Friendly.They are kind to you and smiling to you. You never feel sad around them and you would just sit there and listen to their stories. They are aware that they are kind of lost, but they are completely okay with this lifestyle. Be friend with them, they are cool.

The second one is the sad lost souls. They are not happy about what they are doing in their life, but they are not planning to change.They are quite unfriendly and you don’t know why they are on a party beach with people. They are just sad and blaming everyone for their problems. Give them a chance, but maybe avoid them.

Why are they doing this?

Every person is different. This is a statement.

As a passenger, you often feel powerless as the world passes you by outside the window. You watch the world speed by, barely touching on the surface of things before moving on. But when you’re the pilot, you have the chance to change the world around you. The opportunities to do something about the world are endless, and while they may not always be pleasant, they’re an important part of the experience. Lost souls are choosing to be a passenger and just experiencing life as it is.

Often they don’t have goals. In 2022 it is quite hard to imagine this,right? We are digital nomads and we are full of business ideas and things to achieve. When you are travelling it is hard to stay focused and do what you have to do. But you can do it eventually.

Lost souls are not focusing on building an empire. They are building their empire from experiences, from people who they met and what they have seen.

Juan and I(Sara), we were lost souls before we didn’t know what our goals were or where we were heading. We just went with the flow. We think, when you are young, that is completely fine. You don’t plan. But, when you are getting older you probably need more stability in your life and you are going that way. And this is what we did, even though we are travelling a lot. Lost souls are staying in the flow part. There is no tomorrow.

So why are they staying like this?

Our theory is that they haven’t had a fabulous childhood or someone hurted their emotions.Not everyone is that lucky to have a good family. Keep it in mind that. Many of them who we talked with, their family is horrible.

Even us, we had traumas that we had to heal. We started to travel, because of this. Lost souls are the same,they are searching for answers. They are wandering around. Most of the lost souls as we mentioned before, you can feel that they have many traumas and unsolved problems. In some ways they never grow up to solve these issues. They think if they are in the beach with the sun and with new fellas, they are healing themselves. It is not true. You know that, you need time without any alcohol or drugs, sober in a room without your friends, you can start to focus on yourself. If you are drinking and being around people, you know that it wouldn’t work. Lost souls are doing this. They are just lost. They are just filling up the void and think that is cool like that.

Are these people happy? They might not be happy. But they might be okay with the situation.

But! You know what, who are we to judge? They are just trying to cope somehow. Some people are coping this way and some people in another way. Just listen to them and give them a chance. They have funny and interesting stories. And in the end you can gain knowledge about something new.



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