Top 3 winter places to visit in Budapest 2022

Budapest at night

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Sara here, and in this blog post, we are going to walk you through our recommendations and tips on our top 3 places to visit in Budapest during the winter.

So let’s begin…

Where you should go in winter in Budapest?

1. Thermal baths

Thermal baths are the best way to keep your body in shape in the winter. The water in the thermal baths is warm in the winter and cold in the summer so it is the perfect environment for the body to keep fit.

You get to enjoy the benefits of a relaxing sauna without being subjected to the cold. There are many thermal baths located in and around Budapest so you are sure to find a location to your liking. Take a dip in a thermal bath. The water is typically about 44 °C — 50 °C which is great for your skin. Not the mention all the minerals in it. Thermal baths are a great way to get a relaxing treatment.

In the city, there are thermal baths in every district: Gellért, Széchenyi and Rudas baths. The only problem is that they can get crowded especially on weekends. So it is advised to reserve tickets online

Which one you should choose?

You can find them all across the city but we recommend going to the baths in the Buda side. Why? Because they can be more local and interesting. Besides, they also offer those unforgettable experiences. So which ones I am talking about?

Buda side:

Gellért Bath

couple in the Gellert thermal bath

The Gellért bath is known to be one of the biggest and most popular baths in Budapest. The best thing to do here is to go to the sauna. The place is just amazing. You can choose from a standard sauna, a steam bath, a Finnish sauna and a Turkish bath. But, I would definitely highlight that, it is not a big bath. Mostly in the winter, because half of the pools are closed. So maybe it would be better to visit in summer if you want to enjoy multiple pools.

So why do we recommend it?

Because it’s history!

Most of our ministers and politicians, celebrities have been there at Gellért Baths. So why you shouldn’t try how Hungary’s one percent enjoyed their life? It used to be closed for locals and only royalties used to go there. So go to the baths and imagine yourself as a princess or a king.

One more piece of information is good to know, that in 2021 December they are going to do renovations so please check their website before you would go there: Gellért Thermal Bath

Those are the most Updated prices as in 16/11/21

You can buy the tickets online here

Rudas Baths

Rudas Baths is the third largest and the most modern thermal bath in Budapest, is the place to be if you want to enjoy the thermal baths with its modern facilities.

Rudas Baths are located on the Buda side and it is one of the most popular thermal baths in Budapest because of its modern and unique facilities. They include a wide variety of thermal treatments, fitness rooms, saunas, Turkish baths and whirlpools. The most impressive aspect of Rudas Baths is the huge pool, which has a capacity of over 2000 people.

Why is it special? Because of the rooftop bath. Not to mention that you can go at night on Saturdays and enjoy the view in the pool with a drink. How cool is that? — link for tickets

Also, it has an amazing dining experience with a lovely view of the bridge from the restaurant, the best part is that you can go in swimming suits and enjoy the view. It is also Instagram or Tiktok worthy.

You can buy the tickets here.

Rudas bath restaurant rooftop

This bath is our personal favourite because it is unique and you can see the mix of modern and old bathing cultures. You should definitely put it on your list.

We definitely recommend the dining experience if you are there!

Lukács bath

Lukács Bath is more suitable for those who want to enjoy time with locals. Lukács Bath is more chill and not that fancy, but why is it good that the outdoor pool is almost the same as in the Széchényi. I mean it’s size. Not to mention if you like traditional sauna you can go to the naked sauna in the Lukács. We personally like that, because that is the true experience. If you don’t want to go to a crowded place, but enjoy thermal baths, that is your place. We love that place!


You can buy the tickets here

Pest side

Széchényi Bath

Szechenyi bath

The Széchényi Bath s the second largest thermal bath in Budapest and the most famous bath in the city. The Szechényi Bath is the second largest thermal bath in Budapest and the most famous bath in the city. It was established in 1895.

It has 21 pools so a lot to enjoy. Also, the number of saunas. If you want to avoid crowded places, you should go in the morning and enjoy the pool with the old Hungarians who are playing chess there.

You can drink your own beers there, so don’t be shy to take some.

Also, you can take your sandwiches.

But also they have their own SPA Beer which is pretty great!

Szechenyi bath beer

What to take to the baths?

  • Waterproof phone case: Smartphones are great for staying connected, but they’re not so great for staying dry. Waterproof cases can help you to keep your phone dry and also help you to take your phone everywhere and make fabulous pictures. You can get one here.
  • Beach tote washable bags for women:
    Trust me you will need this. It is quite steamy inside the baths so it is better to take something washable and waterproof. You are gonna take your drink (do not forget to take water with you, because the sauna sucks out all the water from you), towel, robe, and a magazine with you. You can get one here.
  • TowelsYou need a big comfy towel. Sometimes I take two, so one I use inside and one when I want to get myself dry. It is cold outside… minus, so keep in mind that you need to reach from one pool to the other pool. Your boyfriend probably doesn’t need that much, but it is always good to have big towels. Also, we have to remember that it has to fit in our luggage, so let’s bring a foldable one. You can get one here
  • Robe: It is cold outside and you wanna go for a drink. What do you do?? Put on a robe and it is not going to be a problem anymore, plus you are not going to freeze to death. Plushy ones not going to keep you warm so it is better a cotton one and a thicker one. I am advising something like this: You can get one here.
  • Your swimming suit! Who doesn’t need a cute bathing suit for the thermal baths? You can make cute pictures in it!
  • Get one for him here
  • Get one for her here

If you want to know the latest prices, you can check your tickets following this link

2. Ice rinks

What is cool in winter? That you can try winter activities.

In Budapest, you can try ice skating and we promise that you not gonna regret that leg hurting the next day! It is quite popular so you can go with locals and move your body for some Hungarian hits.


ice rink in budapest

Műjégpáya is the biggest ice rink in Budapest. They made it from the Városligeti lake and the feeling when you ice skate is unbelievable. Also, it used to be a place for only royal people. The architecture is outstanding. Go there and drink some mulled wine and have some fun with the locals.

You can check the opening hours and your tickets here.

Bálna jégpálya

Bálna ice rink

Do you know the place called Bálna? It is a common area where you can go to museums and bars. It is a cool place to be. So why did I mention it? Because it has a free ice rink! So you can enjoy some deep house music and ice skating near the Danube.

A few things to notice:

Open until: February 28, 2018

Opening hours: Monday to Sunday, from 10 am to 10 pm

Entry is free!!

Skates are available for rent, it costs 1,000 forints for 3 hours — ID needed, or you have to pay a deposit of 10,000 forints

chirstmas light tram

3. Christmas light tram

Take a ride on one of the festively decorated light trams in Budapest during the Christmas-New Year season.

It is on line 2 which you can catch from the fashion street, near the Danube. It is one of the most beautiful Christmas trams in the world. Plus, they choose this tramline cause is the most beautiful in the world. Recommended it.

It is usually in the afternoon, around 4 pm. I can not tell you which one is going to be full of lights, so you might have to wait for a little to see it. But is it worth it!

Tell us in a comment which one would you try. ❤️



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